The Nook

The Nook

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    Asheville, North Carolina

Apartment type 1

Studio, One bedroom

Studio, one bedroom is available for both rent and purchase. It is located in a quiet and well-maintained area in the nature, with modern design.

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Apartment type 2

Two Beddrooms

Your new home is the opportunity to give yourself and your family the space you deserve. If you are looking for a home with open floor plans and natural light, look no further.

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Apartment type 3

Three Bedrooms

Three bedrooms is a housing project for those who are searching for a modern designed home and have enough space for themselves.

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The Nook is a home buyers dream. It’s a condo in the nature, with beautiful views, lots of trees and plants, and a few big rocks here and there.

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    (786) 897 5423
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    1889 NW 79st St, Asheville, NC 98726